La hija de Gloria Estefan presentó públicamente a su novia


Emily Estefan la hija de Gloria y Emilio Estefan presentó fiacialmente a su novia Gemeny Herández, la cantante le ha dedicado unas bellas palabras en Instagram y la ha presentado al mundo con orgullo a sus seguidores.

En realidad, la primera en dedicarle un escrito cargado de amor y pasión fue su chica. Gemeny escribió pura poesía explicando lo que siente y lo que han significado para ella los pasados 365 días al lado de Emily. “Hay amor en cada esquina. Y no el típico amor al que piensas que me refiero. Ni flores, ni chocolate, ni canciones baratas de amor”, comienza la dedicatoria.
“Me refiero al amor verdadero. Al amor auténtico. A nuestro amor. Un amor que penetra en cada poro de él mismo. Un amor que te asfixia, que te sacude, que te da miedo, que te ilumina, que te cura, que te despierta”, continúa el esrito de Gemeny dirigido a Emily.

What does it feel like to have words like THIS written about you? I’ll let you know when I have an answer.. for now.. I’m just a glowing puddle. I love you. Each and every word you write elevates me. (about me or not) I can’t wait for the world (and you) to see what you’re capable of. #Repost @holagemeny ・・・ “What do you have to say about our anniversary?” she asks, as if my love for her could ever find it’s resting place among the curling lines of letters turned words. It can’t. What do you do when your life comes to a stop as a result of one meeting, one person? How do you cope? Where do you go? I imagine these are things I would’ve asked myself if I had any choice in the matter. But I didn’t. You see, you swept me. You took me from my standing place and catapulted me to a new world. A brand new place, a most beautiful universe unlike anything I had every seen. (I know now I could only have reached it with you holding my hand.) There is love in every corner here. And not the kind of love you might think I’m referring to. Not flowers, chocolates, and poor-rhyme-scheme love. True love. Good love. Our love. Love that permeates every piece of its surroundings. Love that chokes you, shakes you, scares you, illuminates you, heals you, awakens you. Love that pours so much of itself into you, you can’t help but become it. Love that is so loud, everything else is just background noise. And it looks so much like you. I have lived every one of the last 365 days of my life lost in this beautiful place, this beautiful love. Lost in you, and the extraordinary honor of loving you. You are light, you are beauty, you are home, and you are all that I aspire to be. I don’t know where you came from, but I am sure glad you are here. To 1, to 2, to 20 lifetimes more. I love you. Yours, fully, Moon Flower P.S. Hearing our voices together is the closest I’ve been to heaven.

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Aunque la parejita ha colgado en varias ocasiones fotos de ambas posando juntas en sus respectivos perfiles de redes sociales, no ha sido hasta este fin de semana que han gritado su amor a los cuatro vientos.